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Multi-component molds | 2K injection molding RICO Elastomere ...

Individual components are made on the latest generation of milling, grinding and lathe machines. RICO can build 2K molds with up to 96+96 cavities. We can also overmold inserts. RICO’s multi-component molds are fully-automated and ready-to-use. RICO produces molds for the following material combinations (2K or more):

⯈LSR+LSR Injection molding | RICO Elastomere Projecting GmbH

The Austrian company has been in the silicone and multi-component injection molding business for 27 years and makes molds for customers as well as for its own production. Time and again, RICO turns to efficient 2K silicone injection-molding technology to execute its projects. Don’t let go.

Injection moulding - www.camo.at

This high-tech way of production is the key not only for a perfect quality but also for a competitive production in Austria. Among our 46 one component injection moulding machines we have various fully electric machines, also with linear- and/or six axis robots, inline printing devices and video test units.

ENGEL plastics injection moulding machines | IM machinery ...

ENGEL, as the world market leader in injection moulding, offers innovative injection moulding machines from 280 KN to 55000 kN clamping force, hydraulic, all-electric, horizontal and vertical solutions. ENGEL injection moulding machines are used in automotive & mobility, packaging, consumer electronics, medical technology and technical ...

Two shot injection molding / 2K molding | Trelleborg

One of our most outstanding capabilities is the simultaneous injection of LSR in combination with technical plastics, 2C LSR technology. In what is commonly referred to as 2K, 2-shot, multi-component injection molding or co-injection, our LSR experts employ highly advanced and sophisticated tool and process engineering to develop the most innovation solutions, combining two, three or more ...

2K & 3K Injection Moulding Technology - MCAM

2K and 3K Molding. In our manufacturing process, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials uses the latest injection molding techniques, including “multi-component moulding", the process whereby two or more materials are molded onto each other or in between each other. Processing techniques include bi-injection, retractable and transfer molding ...

2K injection molding: in two injection steps | GL Plastics

Different applications for 2k injection molding. 2K injection moulding is perfect for combinations of hard and soft plastics and also if you want to process 2 colours of plastic in one product. Examples of 2K injection moulding are products made from a hard plastic with a 2nd soft plastic edge that serves as a seal (for instance a lid-seal ).

What is 2K injection Molding? - Mold Clamps Manufacturer

The 2K injection molding is injection molded with a two-color machine that can be molded at once, and materials different from the two-color effects are possible. The two-shot injection molding is completed with a normal injection molding machine, but this time the molded product is taken out. Then put it in another injection molding machine ...

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