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The same plastic product has different functional requirements in different parts. To achieve this production requirement on an injection molding machine, the MultiMold™ multi-color master technology is required, and it can meet the possibility of multiple colors on one machine through multiple injection units or multi-angle injection.

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NEO·Mv has industry-leading multi-color injection molding technology, flexible modularization, professional customized design, to meet your diverse process needs. Tederic continues to innovate and explore the possibilities of injection molding.

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HOY Machinery Group is a leading source of plastic injection molding machine manufacture and world-renowned injection molding solution provider. We focus on continuous innovative technology’research and development to create high-quality, durable, efficient and value-added products for our customers.

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Injection Molding. Injection molding is a common technique (patented in the 1870s) used around the world for mass production. Materials are melted at high temperatures, after which molten liquid is placed into molds where it solidifies into the desired shape for manufacturing. Upon cooling, the structure is ready, usually with little need for ...


The linear movement of the preform, from the injection molding machine to the blowing station, makes it possible to use tools on this machine with a higher number of cavities. Kavoblow allows packaging with non-circular and off-center openings as well as custom color designs to be produced in a wide variety of materials. Materials used: PET, PP

5 Ways to Improve Multi-cavity Molds | Design Tip

Beyond the design elements unique to multi-cavity tooling, there of course are common injection molding guidelines to keep in mind like draft, wall thickness, material choice, and surface finish. The likelihood of success increases—especially as the number of cavities increases—with part designs that account for these variables and others.

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Mold Size. Micro. Less than 200 Ton Press. 201 to 600 Ton Press. 601 to 1500 Ton Press. 1501 to 2500 Ton Press. Over 2500 Ton Press.

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