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CNC turning is a process of machining parts with cylindrical features from metal or plastic rod stock. Compared with CNC milling, the turning process allows us to make any circular parts effectively such as shafts, worms and spheres, and it can apply to creation of the parts with complex external and internal geometries and various threads.

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Shrike CNC is a perfect machining & engraving solution for Micro machining, Hardware products, Brass parts, Precision engraving, Electronics, Precision Electrodes, Automotive parts, Dies & Molds, Plastic & Toys, Watch making, Gold & Jewelry.

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At Creatingtec, our focus is on providing you with the finest services in rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, and low-volume manufacturing. Our international team of engineers and technicians is dedicated to making your custom parts using the most advanced equipment and techniques including 3D metal printing, multi-axis CNC machining, and plastic ...

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Machining of Plastics. With DATRON CNC machines your manufacturing challenges at milling plastics and composites are perfectly met. DATRON machines can be employed for a wide variety of applications and materials: Machining plastic connectors (Delrin, Torlon) Milling plastic counter plates (Phenolic) Machining plastic wave solder frames (G10 ...

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Coolant through spindle. 16,000 RPM. 22 tool ATC. 0.9 second tool change. Nikken CNCZ180 compact rotary table attachment. X axis travel 17.71” (450MM) Y axis travel 12.59” (320MM) Z axis travel 12.00” (305MM) To ask about a specific capability or machine-related specification, contact us for full particulars from a Cox customer service ...

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CNC plastics can be used for a range of parts from prototypes to engineering models to end-use components. While plastics can be hard to machine, oftentimes their lightweight and denseness paired with simple geometries may be more suitable to machining than 3D printing or injection molding.

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This type of CNC machine can aid in the cutting of steel, wood, aluminum, composites, plastic and foam. A CNC router is similar to a CNC mill. It comes with the ability to use computer numerical control to route tool paths that enable the machine to function. CNC routers reduce waste and increase productivity by producing various items in a ...

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Shenzhen Yi Xin Precision Metal & Plastic Ltd was established in 2000, which is an enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of electrical and electronic aluminum alloy radiators, aluminum housings, on-board computer cases, power housings, plug-in radiators, shielding boxes, signal intensifier housings, inverter aluminum housings and CNC machining, design and processing of aluminum ...

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Prototype and production runs. 3, 4 and 5-axis rapid precision plastic CNC machining services including milling, turning, electrical discharge machining (EDM) and wire EDM. CNC turning capabilities such as facing, threading, drilling, boring, reaming and taper turning offered. Capable of CNC milling parts with +/-0.005 mm tolerance.

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Thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and elastomers. Besides wood and aluminum, machining plastic is another major field of CNC applications which includes the milling of soft plastics (thermoplastics) which are easy to shape under the effect of heat, solid plastics (thermosetting plastics) and cutting flexible plastics (elastomers) like rubber.

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Precision CNC machining China factory offers wide range of plastic machining, cnc milling, turned parts, milling parts, cnc prototyping, cnc parts manufacturer and production plants in china.

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SINUMERIK covers every aspect of the universal technologies of turning, milling.For this purpose, a comprehensive technology package is fully integrated in the SINUMERIK Operate user interface - from machining and measuring cycles as well as DXF readers and geometry calculators through to ShopMill and ShopTurn graphical work step programming.

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The CNC Machining Technology program provides the hands-on training and high-tech skills needed to prepare for a career as a computer numerical control (CNC) machinist. 1. 36 weeks From start to finish. 1 campus Offered at our NASCAR Tech campus in Mooresville, NC.

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CNC engraving machines. Our IS range of CNC engravers is ideal for high productivity jobs and has a robust design to engrave, mill and cut metal, plastic, wood and many other materials. It is suitable to engrave, cut and mill signs, badges and plates. These sign solutions are ideal for larger items such as front panels and large signage.

What is CNC Machining? | Definition, Processes, Components & More

Evolving from the numerical control (NC) machining process which utilized punched tape cards, CNC machining is a manufacturing process which utilizes computerized controls to operate and manipulate machine and cutting tools to shape stock material—e.g., metal, plastic, wood, foam, composite, etc.—into custom parts and designs.

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